Gay Zombies

by Quentin

Gay zombie movies are a new genre pioneered by Canadian bad boy of queer cinema Bruce LaBruce. Currently, there are 2 movies I know of in this sub genre, started by Bruce LaBruce’s gay art-house hit Otto; or, Up with Dead People. Otto is less of a horror flick and more of a quirky teenage coming-of-age movie about a gay teen zombie named Otto. For whatever it is, it’s more of an experimental art film than the traditional zombie movie that you’d be expecting.

If you’re in the mood for something artsy and unique, definitely check out Otto. But be forewarned that it is not what you’d expect from a zombie movie or a horror film.

Bruce LaBruce’s second entry into the genre is the infamous L.A. Zombie that got banned from screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival for being pornographic. According to LaBruce, the ban and its publicity was probably the best thing that has happened to his career right before Zombie‘s world premiere at Locarno.

While I have yet to watch the movie, L.A. Zombie does look more of a genre film. Starring the French gay porn actor François Saga who’s transitioning into non-porn films, Zombie concerns a homeless zombie who fucks dead (male) bodies back to life along with the usual flesh eating antics. I’ve heard mixed reviews from friends who have seen the movie, but as a genre lover I will eventually have to catch it anyway.

2 responses to “Gay Zombies

  1. If you love zombies, don’t forget to check out my blog on the Italian zombie movie master Lucio Fulci:

  2. You do a great disservice to the director by telling your readers what to “expect” before watching one of their films.

    As a filmmaker yourself, I’m surprised.

    I interviewed Bruce for Men of Color Blog, btw. He’s one of the most unpretentious people one would be lucky enough to meet.

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