Never Been to Prom

by Steven

It’s the time of year when high school juniors and seniors visit their local malls to find the perfect tuxedo or dress.  It’s the time for prom: the supposedly magical event that every budding teenager dreams of attending ever since they set their foot on high school; except for yours truly.  Yes, I’m one of those rare species that never attended prom in high school (neither junior nor senior).  Or am I really that rare?  Sixteen years after high school graduation I’m beginning to wonder whether I really missed out on a truly special event and whether my life is really less complete for not having attended this awkward hormone-fest.  I’ve come to this question after having watched this week’s Glee episode, the one where Kurt and Blaine went to their junior prom together and somehow Kurt ended up getting crowned Prom Queen.  I suppose times have changed but sixteen years ago, a gay couple attending prom was practically unheard of.  I think my refusal to attend prom stemmed from intention to silently defy the status quo.  While I wasn’t 100% out in high school, I knew without doubt that I was gay and I believed that attending prom would validate the repression of homosexuality during that time…

Wow, I guess I was quite an angry gay boy at that time and maybe I was being a bit too serious.  Whatever the case, I did have the chance to go as a couple of girls asked me to be their date but I refused.  Haha, take that straight people!  At least that’s how I saw it then but in hindsight I probably just needed to relax and realize that prom is just a silly rite of passage that should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of sexual orientation.  So having said all this, if I had to relive high school again with the frame of mind that I have now, would I go to my high school prom?  Probably.  Do I regret not having gone to prom?  No.  Goodness, I can’t imagine having to live with photos of those tacky tuxedos and dresses forever immortalized in those prom photos.  Just kidding.  Seriously though, I really don’t regret missing prom because my refusal to attend it was just a reflection of who I was during that time.  Besides, I probably avoided some really awkward situations should my date attempts to go “a bit further” (*shudder…*).  So dear readers, I’m curious but how many of you didn’t attend prom or are planning not to attend it?

2 responses to “Never Been to Prom

  1. I went to prom with my then boyfriend our senior year in 2005. It was one of the best experiences I had in high school! We rented matching tuxes with hot pink ties and both had matching hot pink sunglasses. We went on a double date with a straight couple and had the cheesy experience of eating at the olive garden (big deal at 17!) and had the best time! All of the other students were really accepting and the only problem we faced was with the adults working the prom. When we went to get our prom pictures we waited in line for 45 minutes since the photographer was spending about 5 minutes with each couple, taking different poses and making sure the photo looked good. Well when it was our turn to take our photos, the photographer wanted us to lean back to back with our arms crossed like “best buds” and when we told her we were a couple and wanted traditional photos she had us hold each other, snapped a picture and told us to move on. Needless to say we hated our photos and still bitch about here to this day. My boyfriend was elected to prom court and we danced the night away. It’s a night I’ll always remember and am so glad we went. Also we were the first gay couple to ever attend our schools prom which both made us feel like trail blazers :p Wish I could post our awful prom pictures!

  2. Not only am I attending Prom my senior year, but I am running for Prom Queen. I’m going in drag anyways, so why not? I am sure that I will win too! :D

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