The World’s Most Expensive Coffee

by Steven

During my trip to Indonesia, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with one thing:  kopi luwak.  For those of you that don’t know what it is, this is dubbed as the world’s most expensive coffee…. and it’s basically harvested from the poop of a particular kind of civet (a type of mammal).  Yes, I did say “poop.”  Asian palm civets eat coffee cherries for their fruit pulp.  After being digested in the stomach of these animals, the defecated coffee beans are gathered, cleaned and lightly roasted.  These coffee beans are what is known as kopi luwak and it’s reputed to have a much less bitter taste than regular coffee due thanks to the digestive enzymes of the civet.  Lately, this coffee has been gathering some attention in the West thanks to Oprah who featured it on her show.  I was able to taste this coffee during this trip and frankly, I think it’s overpriced.  Yes it tasted pretty good but the $40 price tag for 100 grams is a bit much in my opinion.  I still bought 3 cans for presents for some of my friends though, because nothing says you care like a can of poop.

One response to “The World’s Most Expensive Coffee

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