by Lewis

Photo Credit: David Sherry

I’ve seen them in concert fifteen times.  It’s gotten to the point where my friends tell me “Why don’t you just do publicity for them, since you talk about them all the time?”  Ever since I encountered their self-titled debut “Scissor Sisters” back in the Spring of 2004,  I just couldn’t get enough.  I remember my first experience with the Sisters in Philadelphia at the now defunct Khyber Club later that year. Two hundred people squeezed into a tiny club, on a chilly, September evening.

August 27, 2010 at Electric Factory - Philadelphia Photo credit: Lewis Tice

Sweat, moisture or god knows what, was dripping from the ceiling. Later on that evening, between songs, Ana Matronic remarked about how hot it was in the club and that “man broth” was literally dripping from the ceiling. My friend Erik S. and I squealed and suffice it to say, we were no longer Scissor Sister “virgins” that night; and I fell in love.  I proceeded to see their show three more times for the remainder of the year.

August 27, 2010 at NPR's World Cafe Live. Photo credit: Kelly Burkhardt

I was working for TLA Releasing at the time and when an opportunity to collaborate with the Queer Lounge at Sundance 2005 to co-sponsor the Scissor Sisters show in Park City, Utah, I exploded. I mean, I totally popped. The Sisters, Queer Lounge and TLA Releasing were a hit that year and I even got to mingle with the band in the VIP Room afterwards. I think the picture with Baby Daddy says it all: I look like such a teenage fan-boy, feeling a little stunned at the time and out of my element but so appreciative.  Oh, and my friend Kelly scored me Baby Daddy’s guitar pick:  SQUEAL!

(l to r) Yours truly, Baby Daddy and Kelly Burkhardt at Sundance 2005

“Ta-Dah” was their second album and even though they scored with their most popular single “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing,” co-written with Elton John, the album was met with mixed responses. Me, I couldn’t get enough and proceeded to travel up and down the East Coast to get my fix of sexy Jake Shears wiggling on the stage, Del Marqui in his tight pants working that guitar, and Baby Daddy just looking like a yummy, woofy morsel.

Ana Matronic - NPR World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. August 27, 2010 Photo credit: Kelly Burkhardt

And Ana didn’t disappoint either with her wicked combination of sass, camp and delicious style.

I look at my enthusiastic support of the Scissor Sisters this way. They help elevate my mood and bring me to a euphoric state, to the point where I’ve had friends, who’ve gone to the concerts with me, remark that I’m practically levitating. Vodka cocktails make a guest appearance occasionally but the ‘high’ really comes from the music, the infectious energy and essence of the band.

Philadelphia @ Electric Factory on August 27, 2010. Photo credit: Lewis Tice

Watching and experiencing the show, I feel like I’m relating with the like-minded people and genuinely feel a sense of community. It puts my heart and soul at peace beyond what any drug has ever done or will do.

Stubbs BBQ Amphitheater in Austin, TX on April 3, 2011 Photo Credit: Lewis Tice

I’ve just gotten back from seeing the Sisters really ‘work it on out’ at Stubbs Outdoor Amphitheater in Austin, TX for the “Night Work” album. And I was right there in front participating, dancing and even thinking that Jake made eye contact with me, singing a verse of “Take Your Mamma Out” with me (hey, a girl can always dream).

The group had been opening for Lady Gaga’s Monster Tour and this was their first performance after finishing that gig. The Scissor Sisters nailed it and even at one moment, they came across as sweetly vulnerable when talking to the crowd about being back in the main spotlight again after opening for “Mother Monster.”

Electric Factory in Philadelphia - August 27, 2010. Photo Credit: Lewis Tice

When the concert ended, my best friend of fifteen years, Nathan turned to me and gave me a huge hug. We were both sober but his pupils were dilated (looking very anime!) and he was so full of the thrill, excitement of the Scissor Sisters’ love and generosity, he was floating on air. I know the feeling well and when one feels like that, why wouldn’t you want to tell the world about it?

Limited edition 'Invisible Light' Viynl LP: YES, I have one!

Support the Scissor Sisters and their projects!  Check tour dates, buy their albums and show your love at the band’s official website: ScissorSisters.com

3 responses to “I’m a fan of…SCISSOR SISTERS

  1. Lewis: That was such an amazing concert, and I’m glad that I decided to go. It was great experiencing the Sisters up close with you and Ralph next to me.

  2. You have every reason in the world to be beaming in that picture!

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