Lady Gaga’s “Pervert Ways”

by Quentin

I hope one day we’ll get off the subject of Lady Gaga but as populist as she is Lady Gaga is certainly contributing to the cultural resistance against American religious fundamentalists.

While Christian fundamentalists picketed outside Lady Gaga’s concert venue, Lady Gaga passed by in her limousine and rolled down her window. “Hi, I’m Lady Gaga.”

As someone handed her a “Get Out of Hell Free Card,” a picketer said, “That’s gonna happen one day, Darling.”

“You know, we really believe in God at my show,” replied Lady Gaga.

“Your pervert ways don’t equate to what God is all about…” said the picketer.

“My pervert ways?”

“You know… the homo stuff.”

“The homo stuff?” said Lady Gaga. “Don’t you think it’s hurtful…”

What I say is that Lady Gaga was definitely big enough to keep the conversation flowing. Check it out:

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