Did We Bully Exodus?

by Tin

The gay cure, as we all know, is bullshit. But of course it never stops certain people from promoting it to the LGBT community, especially our youth, in the name of religion or whatever make beliefs that help them sleep at night. And in a world where most of us are slaves to consumers of Apple products and  “there is an app for everything,” there was, until a little over a week ago, a gay cure app that insures “freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus” created by Exodus International whose mission statement is “Mobilizing the Body of Christ to Minister Grace and Truth to a World impacted by Homosexuality.”

Needless to say, the app generated an insurmountable amount of outcry from the GLBT community when it was introduced. In response to an online petition with more than 100,000 signatures, Apple pulled the app from the App store on March 22nd.

So it is over, right? Think again.

Now there is debate over the issues of free speech and the free exercise of religion (The First Amendment), and whether a corporation like Apple should be given the license to censor online content that will be available to the general public. Exodus, of course, says it does not claim to cure anyone, and their mission is to preach putting Christianity above same-sex attraction.

Even homosexual and liberal writers, as the Baptist Press reports, “say that while they disagree with Exodus’ viewpoint, they also believe Apple was wrong in pulling the Christian ministry’s iPhone app.” In defense of the Exodus app, AfterElton.com managing editor Dennis Ayers wrote:

“Apple says the app was removed because it was ‘offensive to large groups of people.’ But lots of things are offensive to large groups of people. Does the LGBT community really want that to be the standard for what is allowed on Apple’s increasingly pivotal app store? How soon until Apple gets a petition to remove Grindr? What if The Trevor Project tried to release an app to assist gay teens?”

My oh my, so much argument! But should the Exodus app have been pulled? I humbly believe so.

“Exodus doesn’t believe there is a “cure” for homosexuality, adultery, arrogance, gossip or any other sin,” as stated on their website.  But branding homosexuality as a sin does NOTHING to help LGBT youth who are already struggling with their identity but encourages self-hatred that may lead to tragic ends. And as for claiming not to try to cure homosexuals with their app, Exodus insists on offering “hope and help to people seeking freedom from homosexuality.” One of the books that is on their must-read list? Restoring Sexual Identity by in denial former lesbian Anne Paulk. Considering all of Exodus’ claims, as Rachel Maddow said to the “sexual reorientation” specialist in the video above, “it’s matter of semantics.”

Regarding the censoring right of Apple in terms of US law, I don’t think I can elaborate on the issue better than this article in The Guardian. But I’d like to state that while there are indeed many apps that cater to LGBT community in the App store like Grindr and GayCities, none of them are trying to “convert” heterosexuals to homosexuality. None of them are telling our youth that being straight is a sin.

Should there be an app that incites heterosexual and/or religious people to feel inferior about their sexuality and/or beliefs and the need to change something that is so fundamentally true to themselves, I would gladly sign the petition to have that app removed.

Do you think Apple should have pulled the app?  Is the whole thing a trap laid by Exodus to paint GLBT people just as intolerant and obdurate as the people who often bully us?

Now I am thinking too much. Time for some Angry Birds!

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