Sex and Education

by Tin

"Lost And Delirious"-the quintessential LUG movie

Listen up ladies! Here is another reason your parents would probably tell you why you should go to college: you are less likely to be sleeping with another woman. As The New York Times reported in the article “Study Undercuts View of College as a Place of Same-Sex Experimentation“, a new study by the Centers for Disease Control, based on 13,500 responses, reveals that “almost 10 percent of women ages 22 to 44 with a bachelor’s degree said they had had a same-sex experience, compared with 15 percent of those with no high school diploma. Women with a high school diploma or some college, but no degree, fell in between.”

Say what?! Whatever happened to the absolute truth wide belief that women generally tend to have their first same-sex experience (and more afterwards if they like it of course!) in upstanding educational establishments? They don’t call it LUG (Lesbian Until Graduation) for no reasons. Ah good ol’ LUG, a term that is so wrong yet so right in some cases. It is wrong because it is such a derogatory term that some bitter lesbians would use to describe the women they have been with but dumped them for men. “She’s just experimenting”, “she’s just using me”, often I have heard. It is even more wrong for women in college to be perceived in such a general way (that they want to experiment with one another sexually) because it is erotically tantalizing for me men.


The article also cited different opinions by sex researchers and experts on why the change has transpired such as changes in society allowing people to come out publicly despite their background. Or that the notion of the LUG phenomenon “may be overrepresented in the national imagination because so many students sought attention for their sexual exploration.” People who were more educated were perceived  to be more up front about their sexuality and sexual exploits.

I am not saying there is no merit to the now-defunct LUG phenomenon. I myself have been a victim a part of the LUG phenomenon in high school. I have met a handful of women who used to date women and are now happily in heterosexual relationships. Some call them hasbians. I just call them human.

I guess the most misguided notion about LUG is that the word “lesbian” is used at all. As stated in the article “Bi For Now” in New York magazine back in 2003, a lot of these “hasbians” are actually bisexuals, a term that is, sadly, often under more scrutiny in the gay and lesbian community. Some lesbians I know don’t trust women who identify as bisexuals simply because they feel like they have to compete with both sexes, i.e. double the amount of people. And I am sure some gay men would feel the same way dating bisexual men. All in all it has to do with insecurity.

I am a strong believer in sexual fluidity. I have a female friend who has slept with more women than men but will never want to be in a relationship with another woman. I have a FTM friend who used to date women before he transitioned and now is dating men. I have a MTF friend who identifies herself as strictly lesbian.

As the world is evolving and people are more in tune with their sexuality and gender identity, should we still bother to use labels?

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