Adam and Steve, Dragon Slayers

by Steven

So I recently just bought this game called Dragon Age 2 the day it came out.  While I’m a fan of role-playing games, the Dragon Age franchise offers us gaymers a bit more than other games of this genre in that it features gay/lesbian sex and romance should you desire to play the game in this manner.

It’s good to see video game companies including gay/lesbian plot lines.  This seems to be the trend lately although this is certainly not a new phenomenon.  The earliest inclusion of a gay/lesbian plot line that I can remember happened in the classic RPG Ultima VII from the early 90’s.  In this game you, the Avatar, encounters a bath house and are given the choice of either a male or female character to have some fun with.  While you don’t see any sort of lascivious act being done on the screen, the fact that you can engage in homosexual activities in a game was practically unheard of during that time.  Imagine how intrigued and excited I was to be given this option as a young teenager just starting to discover my sexuality.  I must have visited that bath house multiple times in the game…  Although a bath house isn’t the most positive way to introduce a gay aspect into the plot, I did feel some comfort knowing that there are others out there who recognize who I am as a person and was gracious enough to include it in the game.  This meant a lot to someone who has not come out of the closet yet.

Flash forward almost 20 years later and now gay sex and romance are somewhat treated as normal in many computer and video games.  For example, the popular Fable series allows you to be married to a man or a woman.  In The Sims, you can easily create a gay/lesbian family complete children and a white picket fence.  I myself have created a family called “The Gays” who adopted two children.  While the game doesn’t depict any graphic sex, you can have your Sims make out in the hot tub, couch, kitchen… wherever you’d like.  Back to Dragon Age, in the first installment of the series you have the option to develop a romance with someone of the same sex as your played character.  Unfortunately your gay/lesbian partner of choice is limited to only one female and one male character.  If you played a male character and want to develop a same-sex romance, you were only able to do it with Zevran… a shady and not so attractive elf rogue (if only Alistair was available as a choice… ).  From what I’ve been reading, Dragon Age 2 offers more partner choices.  We’ll have to see but I’m definitely interested in how it’s all going to play out.

Although computer and video games have gone a long way in treating gays and lesbians as normal members of society, there are still more work to be done.  For the time being though, it’s really nice to see our lifestyle being included in various games.

2 responses to “Adam and Steve, Dragon Slayers

  1. I agree with Dragon Age 2!!! HOTTT!!!

  2. Another nice Gayme is the latest Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. In this RPG, there are several characters you can proposed to, regardless of the sex of your main character, allowing as many “gay” options as there are “straight”. Though there is no explicit sexual content, you can sleep in the conjugal bed, granting you the “Lover’s Comfort bonus”, which is a 15% bonus to skill increases …

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