It’s a Hairy Thing

by Tin

On February 21st, 2011, the world shook as god of tween girls Justin Bieber changed his legendary, lesbian-esque hair-do, which apparently cost him 80,000 die-hard fans who signed off as his followers on his Twitter account. But the power of JB prevails as the locks of his golden hair were auctioned off for over $40,000 for charity. Benevolent? Yes. Creepy? You bet.

But I am not here to try to understand why anyone would want to collect the hair of a 17-year-old boy. Nor am I going to dissect the relationship between the Bieber ‘do and the same queer gal ‘do that has been around B.B. (before Bieber) and the politics behind its popularity. Someone else has already done a much better job at that.

I simply just want to talk about hair, specifically the seemingly diverse yet ultimately homogeneous world of Asian tomboy haircuts.

It is a fact that Asian hair is different from Caucasian hair. Is Asian hair innately better than Caucasian hair? That is a question no one has dared to tried to answer, and I am not about to either. I am not even sure what really makes a haircut “Asian” or if non-Asians can have “Asian haircuts”.

But one thing I know for sure: there is a definitive haircut for androgynous or butch-leaning queer Asian gals. In general said haircut has the following attributes:

1) The hair is extremely well-layered.
2) It is asymmetrical: short in the back and long in the front or the left side longer than the right or vice versa.
3) SIDE SWEPT BANGS cover most of the forehead, preferably covering ONE eye or both eyebrows.

Almost all the Asian tomboys I know, have seen or met have that haircut or a slight variation of it. It is as definitive to Asian tomboys as the mohawk to punk rockers. Where does it come from? No one knows. Personally I think it has something to do with anime.

I am in no way condemning or complimenting this trend. After all, I have adopted the same style myself for a few years. It is always fascinating that, as over-generalizing as it sounds, you can tell a lot about a person by his/her hair. Different people, either consciously or subconsciously, adopt different hair styles to express their ideologies, sexualities or religious beliefs. To express one’s identity with a haircut, silly as it sounds, is a basic human right and one that most of us possess (unless you live in North Korea or some parts of the Middle East.)

2 responses to “It’s a Hairy Thing

  1. Tin, you’d be amused at this. One of my ditsy gay friends brought home a tomboy from Rage and found out she’s a lesbian.

    • Lol I think that happens quite a lot, especially some TBs like to bind their chests so you really can’t tell.

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