by Doris

Gay and Gay, sitting in a tree, KISSING…first comes love, then comes same sex marriage…then comes the Gayby in the Gayby carriage…

Recently at Sunday brunch in the Castro squeezed in between the tables of mimosas and Bloody Marys, I spied at least 5 top of the line $1000 Bugaboo strollers in the restaurant surrounded by cooing daddies (No..not that type) and mommies feeding organic soymilk formula to their litte darlings. I was also reminded of a MTF lesbian acquaintance of mine who just had a baby with her wife. She had frozen her sperm before her sexual reassignment surgery which they used to impregnate her wife who gave birth to gayby twins.

Maybe this is what they call the biological imperative that heterosexual people have been privy to all these years. It’s finally hit the queers. Quick grab the first queer person you see to impregnate or bear your child!  Or Excuse me sir/miss, do you know where the closet bank is? The sperm bank I mean. Perhaps it’s being close to my mid-thirties or being surrounded by all configurations of the modern queer family that is making my own biological clock tick more loudly lately. Improvements in technology are a big help but I think the big Gayby boom has more to do with the level of acceptance of gaybies and queer families in society now. If Celine Dion can get a little help, so can we!

Queer friends who previously swore that they hated children and would never have them are suddenly looking at surrogacy contracts and sperm motility rates. What happened to the time when being gay meant you were automatically destined not to have children? Now even Elton John and David Furnish’s little bundle of joy is front page these days.. At Walmart! Who would have thought that would have been possible even 5 years ago?

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