Hot Pixels

by Steven

Tin’s article on gaymers and WoW inspired me to write this blog.  First let me say that I’m a self-professed gaymer.  My induction into the world of computer/ video games began with the Atari 2600 back in the early 1980’s.  Not long after that, my uncle bought this new contraption called a “personal computer” that you can use to play games.  He had this game called King’s Quest I which I was absolutely in awe with.  The game featured the story of Sir Graham on his quest for the crown and was played using 5.25 floppy disks you had to swap after you get through certain points in the game.  I believe it was one of the first graphical interactive role-playing/adventure games ever created. Before this, role-playing/adventure games consisted of either just text or a combination of static graphics and text.  King’s Quest I was a huge leap from other games because it featured an interactive world that you can explore.  I was hooked to this game and throughout the years played the entire series up to its 8th installment.  My fondness for computer games also expanded to video games as well as arcade games.  I’ve owned many systems over the past 30 years such as the original NES system, Turbografx 16, Super Nintendo, etc.  Today I’m one of the few people I know that own the Xbox, Wii and PS3… actually I don’t know anyone else that owns all 3 systems…  Anyhow, back then it felt like I was the only gaymer out there.  When I first came out at the age of 16 I got to know a few gay people and none of them were gamers.  As I got to know more gay people in college, I still wasn’t able to find that many who were gamers.  It wasn’t until after college that I learned of the term “gaymer” and noticed that there’s actually quite a large population out there in the world.  I believe our discovery of each other was due to the recent popularity of MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games for those of you that don’t know this term).  In a way, I think MMORPGs have become a way for us to “come out” to the world.

Being gaymers, I’m sure most of us are able to recall and rate particular characters that we find attractive.  I know the internet is full of these lists but here’s my list of 10 hottest male and female characters…. From one gaymer’s perspective:

#10 Alistair from Dragon Age

This hottie has a rugged handsomeness that I like but aside from his looks, he has a really cute and sweet personality.  It’s rare to find that in a video game.  Also, if you’ve ever played this game I’m pretty sure that you’ve played around by taking off all his clothes and armor.

#9  Little Mac from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

This 8-bit wonder is tiny compared to his huge opponents but there’s something sexy about his David and Goliath like storyline.

#8 Ryu Hayabusa from Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden

Most of the time you can’t see his face but looking at his well-defined arms is enough to put him on this list.  Oh and having two separate game titles under your belt is also hot.

#7  Alcide Herveaux from Final Fantasy XIV

Ok ok… so his name isn’t very creative but he’s my avatar for FFXIV.  Too bad this game SUCKS!  Poor Alcide is currently in cryo suspension until the game makers improve it.

#6  Nathan Drake from Uncharted

I absolutely loved this series.  Having a hot main character like Nathan also helps.

#5  The guys from Altered Beast

This arcade classic features two identical characters that can slowly evolve into werewolves as they’re fighting zombies.   As the metamorphosis progresses, your character becomes more muscular until his shirt gets ripped off.  Now you know why they’re on this list.

#4  El Blaze from Virtua Fighter 5

I’m not a big fan of this series but I think I bought the game just to be able to play him.  I mean, look at him.  He’s gorgeous.

#3  Gladiator guy from Gladiator

You know how they say gay guys like to watch gladiator movies?  Well how about playing gladiator arcade games?  This arcade game was released back in 1986.  I couldn’t have been more than 11 years old when I first got to play this game.  I don’t think I’ve fully realized what my sexuality was at that point but something about this game just attracted me.  Was it the fact that the armor of the gladiator you’re controlling comes off piece by piece if you were hit, revealing his muscular body underneath?  Maybe this also explains why I never got very far in this game…

#2  Jin Kazama from Tekken

What else can I say about Jin that hasn’t been said already?  I’m sure he’s probably made it to your top list as well.

#1  Joe Higashi from Fatal Fury

Hot.  Enough said.

#10  Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

A perennial favorite with my lesbian friends, I had to include her in this list.  I think most of them have dressed up as Lara at least once for Halloween.  Having Angelina Jolie portray her in real life is also a good endorsement.

#9  Thyra the Valkyrie from Gauntlet

Being the only female character in this classic arcade game is pretty hot.  The fact that she can kick ass is hotter.

#8  Morrigan from Dark Stalkers

I’m sure many straight boys at some point of their lives have had a wet dream about Morrigan.  I personally don’t like to play her when playing Dark Stalkers though.  I opt to play the cute B.B. Hood but this list is for “hot” characters and not “cute.”

#7  Lisa from Dead or Alive

Either this series is created by perverted Japanese men who like to watch firm breasts jiggle in digital splendor or it’s created by gay men who understand what it means to be fabulous.  Either way, this series feature some of the hottest female characters out there.  Lisa is no exception.

#6  Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury

I think Mai’s breasts can do with a little bit of reduction but then again some guys and girls wouldn’t find her as attractive I guess.  I don’t understand why huge melons like hers are attractive but to each their own.

#5  Srikandi from World of Warcraft

I introduce you to Srikandi, my avatar in WoW.  She’s currently a level 85 Resto Druid in Eldre’Thalas server.  Her hobbies are making leather armor, exploring ruins for archaeological artifacts and raiding.  Hit her up if you’d like to party.

#4  Chun Li from Street Fighter

Chun Li holds a special place in my heart.  The first fighting game I ever played was the original Street Fighter arcade game and being the budding gay boy that I was, I naturally chose her as my character.  Sometimes I wish her thighs were a bit smaller but then again, how would she be able to pull off those hurricane kicks?

#3  Paine from Final Fantasy X-2

Ok, I’m pretty sure this game was created by gays and lesbians or at least had some major input from them.  I don’t believe I’ve ever seen this much estrogen in a video game before!  Paine I think would be my lesbian friends’ first choice for hotness among all the female protagonists.

#2  Lulu from Final Fantasy X-2

As a gay man, I’d have to choose Lulu over Paine in terms of hotness.  Just look at her.  She’s so diva.

#1  Christie from Dead or Alive

My favorite female character of all time.  Not the strongest of all fighters but who cares if you’re as fabulous as she is.  Also, have you seen her black S&M outfit?  Amazing.

6 responses to “Hot Pixels

  1. Love this! Maybe you could do a second installment sometime? I think there a lot of characters you could have touched on, like Link (named by Oyut Magazine as their Hottest VG character! How cool is that?). Keep up the good work!

    • I do like Link as well but I would consider him more as “cute” than “hot.” I guess it’s because I’m still thinking of the young Link… Seems like he’s all grown up now hehe. Btw, you’ve just given me an idea for a future blog post. Thanks!

  2. Hooray! I have to support your choices for top 10 pixel perfection. I also have a dreamy avatar for FFXIV that is sitting in his own cryostasis right now. Bleh. Great video game taste!

  3. No Leon Kennedy from RE4?

  4. I guess I’m a tad younger because my first RPG was King’s Quest IV! But I still have many fond memories of playing that game. It had a sweet storyline, too.

    Also, I second the Jin Kazama.
    Great post!

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