I F*cking Love Oprah

by Kevyn

If you haven’t heard, this is Oprah’s Farewell Season. I’ve been DVR-ing every episode of the 25th season since last September to really soak up as much Oprah as I can get. I have learned so much from her in the past—how to tell if someone is molesting me, how to escape from the trunk of the car, who makes the best frozen microwavable mac-n-cheese—and I am ever so grateful for her being in my life.

One thing that makes me love this goddess even more, is that not only has she created her own television network OWN (The Oprah Winfrey Network) but she is bringing light to stories that have meaning and haven’t been told yet. A new show on OWN stars Lisa Ling as the host of a new docu-series called, “Our America”. Watch below, a segment from one of the episodes that recently aired.

It’s the story of a young transgender male. Not just young, but 5 years old. And not only is she able to freely be herself, Haley, as she named herself, but it’s her parent’s story that amazes me. Oprah brought the parents to the show (which I watched in my Snuggie) and said that it is truly a mark in the history of mankind as evolving into a greater and more understanding species.

Yes, Oprah! It is only through you that we are able to become greater human beings. I couldn’t get over it. These parents were so accepting and nurturing for their daughter Haley. As you can see from the video, the parents still go through the same thoughts of any other parent, gay or straight – Who will love my child? What will the future be like for my child? Will people accept my child?

It was truly beautiful to see the father get so emotional over the subject. Although there is still a lot to think about as for Haley’s future development into adolescence and puberty, I feel it may be a very easy transition for her. She already has her family’s love and support which is one of the main elements she will need to help with her transition.

I [expletive] love Oprah Winfrey! This story was truly inspirational.

2 responses to “I F*cking Love Oprah

  1. “man n’ cheese” is quite a freudian slip.

  2. Holy…I couldn’t imagine.

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