Proudmoore, or less?

by Tin

I WoW. Like 12 million other people from around world, I am addicted to the hugely popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft. Some clever people also came up with the name “gaymers”, queers who play video games on a regular basis.

If you don’t know what World of Warcraft is, what is wrong with you? But I am not here to recruit players. Recently, to my great delight and surprise, my friend told me that there is an unofficial gay server in Warcraft called Proudmoore which houses quite a few LGBT-friendly guilds like The Spreading Taint (great name) and The Stonewall Family who hosted the 2009 Gay Pride parade in Warcraft.

Researching on said server yields polarizing opinions even among the LGBT community when it comes to having a “gay server.” Apart from your typical comments from 12-year-old boys who made lame jokes like “bets on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy crew to go adventuring soon in the world of azeroth” or “do they go on rA.I.D.S. to molten core?” while hiding behind internet anonymity, some LGBT gamers said that gaming should be a place for escapist fun and devoid of politics. They follow a “Don’t ask, don’t tell rule” when they want to join a guild because they just don’t want to attract unnecessary attention. At the end of the day, they said, there would always be homophobic players who made sly remarks towards the LGBT community here and there. Some even said they would promote segregation (“what’s next? An all-Mexican server?…etc”)

Other LGBT gamers, however, think otherwise. The site has this proclamation, “The truth is, in the gaming community, there are some pretty staunchly homophobic players and is about having fun without hearing the bashing.  So I give this site to you as a safe haven where gaming is the focus, not hate.” In 2006, player Sara Andrews faced the risk of being expelled by Blizzard for advertising a gay-friendly team or guild. Blizzard eventually issued an apology to Ms. Andrews. Incidents such as this remind LGBT people we are not offered equal rights even in the virtual world, which makes it all the more exigent for the presence of LGBT-friendly gaming environment.

I don’t raid in Warcraft. At least, not yet. But as I run dungeons with a random group of players on a regular basis, more often than not I hear people using the word “gay” in derogatory term. If you ask me I would definitely want to be in a more LGBT-inclusive gaming world. On top of that, according to, the Proudmoore Pride bash included festivities such as “a Nude Duel Championship, avatar modeling, DJ competition and a user-created parade float competition.” Nude Duel? I am there!

Do you WoW? If so, do you prefer to be in a queer guild or server?

11 responses to “Proudmoore, or less?

  1. None of the guilds I’ve ever been in have ever reacted to me oddly because I am who I am. However, the rest of the mainstream community does tend to use derogatory language and other such less than stellar behavior in trade chat or anywhere else you look. I’ve certainly had my fair share of insults thrown my way, but you’d be suprised at how supporting most people tend to be. I haven’t found World of Warcraft to be any different than any environment. Discrimination will exist everywhere but so does acceptance.

  2. I don’t mind either way. I’ve been a part of a gay guild, I’ve been in a couple of non-gay guilds, but they’ve never said anything derogatory to me or my partner. We started our own guild last year, just a ‘real life’ friends only type deal and it worked out really well, but with the changes to the Guilds in Cataclysm (leveling and perks) we had to start recruiting, but everyone is to know that anything hateful is to not be said…or they can be removed from the guild…pretty easy rules to follow I would think :).

  3. Werepup of Darnassus

    I play Warcraft, and I play on the PVP server Ursin. My guild, when I am active with my account, love me sexuality and all. Those who can’t deal with it now will have to later. Afterall we are not going to just disappear because a few biggots might want to make things rough for us. They just have to remind themselvs, do they want to be bested by a 6’5″ drag queen or shut up and play like responisble adults they are supposed to be?

  4. I played wow on three servers since the time of AQ being new content and I’ve found the homophobia has gotten worse in WoW, perhaps I’ve just been lucky but the slurs in /2 and in bgs is pretty bad. I thought I had a good guild for the last year or so but their attitude has shifted as the raiding stock left WoW because of rl or boredom, I quit the guild after actual direct homophobia aimed at me and my boyfriend over vent was ignored by the officers and GM because they were needed to keep raids going. I’m stuck in the EU realms but I would love to play Proudmore US for the community there, I just wish there was something on the EU servers for us.

  5. I’ve seen and heard my fair share of comments and slurs on WoW also. The Community, however, is for the most part pretty good. Most people I know or spend time with on a regular basis are either supportive or simply don’t care one way or another. That’s the cool thing about WoW though, if you encounter people that are rude or hateful, you can simply ignore them. In RL, this isn’t the case and people that are hateful can say whatever they want.

    I’m considering starting a character on Proudmoore, I think it’s a great idea to have a gay server where you’re surrounded by people who are a lot like you. Luckily, in my 4 years on WoW, my sever, Turalyon, and the friends I chose to tell were all accepting when I came out to them.The average gamer reteric is slightly more homophobic, but the average WoW demographic is also more liberal, and on average more accepting, so I find WoW is a safer haven for me than RL, especially if you live in a southern area. XD


  6. I don’t actively play WoW anymore, but when I did, Proudmoore just happens to be one of the servers I had toons on. I had no idea there was such a subculture on that server! Retroactively I wish I had, though, because I’m 120% pro-gay rights (though I happen to be straight myself) and I would love to help foster a community where homophobia is no longer the order of the day. :p (seriously, you should hear the way I yell at my friends whenever they make a gay slur in my presence.)

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  9. I’m a gay guild leader, and I vastly approve of all this! Everyone we meet or recruit is fine and I’ll my gaming buddies were super supportive and just flat our fabulous when I came out.

  10. I played on the EU realms until a few months after the release of WotLK, when I lost interest in the game. I always played on RP servers, and the circles I moved in were RP circles, so I never really encountered any homophobia at all. I can imagine it being rife on PvP realms populated by testosterone-pumped mid-teens, maybe less so on Normal; on RP servers – at least in the few remaining RP communities on RP servers – it was all but nonexistent. In fact, when I was 14 the first people I came out to were on WoW – a friend from Norway who’s now one of my best friends and someone I knew who was openly gay. I can see definite advantage for people in the closet, especially in their teens, to an unofficial ‘gay server’ – it’s a place to go where you can meet gay people who aren’t the stereotypes plastered across the big and small screens, talk to people who have been through it all themselves, etc.; it could really function as an oasis if you get flack about it in real life.

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