Growing in the Gay World…

by Doris

Time doesn’t stand still for anyone. The question is do we embrace it or do everything in our power to prevent it?

Being back in the US, there are ads for botox, lip fillers, microdermabrasion and a host of other ways to keep Father Time at bay. The emphasis on staying youthful is especially apparent in my gay male friends.  I’m hearing of botoxing from people as young as 30. Apparently it’s  supposed to prevent wrinkles from even appearing or taking hold. Some guys go for lunch and a quick shot of botox before going back to work looking “refreshed”. That’s not even talking about the plastic pec, ass and calve implants advertisements seen in many mags. I joked with some of my friends that if they got ass implants they would always have something to sit on. But seriously what happened with growing old gracefully or naturally. Do we all want to look like Berlusconi or Joan Rivers in our golden years?

I for one do not.

One response to “Growing in the Gay World…

  1. I’m 57 and fabulous………well in my warped opinion. I don’t believe in botox anything or lifting anything (except for a glass of wine in the evenings, perhaps). I do color my hair, though. Gray just doesn’t suit my wacked personality. I wouldn’t carry it off near as well as Betty White, damn it.

    Love this blog!

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