Finding Moments

by Jason

Returning in Jason's second film "Square Dance Story," Kyle Toy played John in Jason's first short "I'm in the Mood for Love."

Last week, we wrapped shooting “Square Dance Story.” The production was my most rewarding and technically challenging shoot to date. Normally, I spend weeks rehearsing with the main actors talking about character. This film has minimal dialogue. Most of the main actors were not square dancers. Rehearsals were devoted to square dancing and any work on character was not done until close to shooting day. Dangerous! At the same time, I had to have faith in my actors to find non verbal ways to communicate their characters.

In one scene, the lead character (played by Kyle Toy) needs to grab his love interest inappropriately that sets her off for the climax. We discussed different ways of doing this and still maintain the lead character’s integrity. However, it was not until shooting day when Kyle stood up (his head was out of frame) and grabbed his love interest by her waist that I realize this simple hand action was all we needed.

Finding these moments on the day meant some shots had to be tweaked to work with their actions and the challenge was ensuring this info was communicated to all departments. We wrapped production under budget and on time. Finishing on time is a major accomplishment. This is the third consecutive production where I have finished on time, and this would not have been possible without the hard work of our dynamic team.

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