Orange Appeal

by  David

GANT By Micahel Bastian

Orange: a color better suited on a piece of fruit than on someone who is a fruit. However, it looks like the fashion industry has dictated that this color will be a part of what’s “IN” for Spring 2011. Admittedly so, I normally would never agree with the fashion gods with this particular trend, and yet a couple weeks ago when I was browsing the shoe racks at a Nordrstom Rack, I came across a pair of cute Sperry-esque boating shoes in blood orange and thought, “Hmm… interesting,” but I just kept walking. It wasn’t until my friend tried on that exact pair later on that I thought, “Hmm… I think I kinda like it… Oh fuck… I really like it!”

Just like clothes on a hanger, sometimes you just can’t tell how much you like something until you try it on! On a separate shopping excursion to H&M, I noticed these dark orange pants and a white & orange plaid shirt that I kept eying as I was making my rounds in the store. I finally realized just how refreshing it is to have orange in your wardrobe. Not just because it’s in season, but because it provides us with an option we normally count out simply because it rarely matches what’s in our closet. BUT WAIT!! Just like anonymous sex, moderation is key.

When playing around with a color like orange with your wardrobe, just because a certain trend is “IN”, it’s still important to know how to edit your look and make sure you don’t whore yourself out in some orange head-to-toe outfit. I mean, you don’t want to end up looking like some escaped convict committing a fashion crime in the streets do you??? And ALWAYS use protection. I suggest wrapping yourself in a gray cardigan or maybe a light-weight tanned jacket. If you really want to wear both an orange shirt and pant, make sure they are completely different hues of orange (ie: light vintage orange with dark blood orange OR plaids/checkered shirts also help break up the monotonous warm color tone). I just don’t want anyone taking me too literal and going out to purchase a huge load of orange shirts and pants. Great complimentary colors to orange include: navy blue, gray, white, dark maroon, light pink and certain deep shades of green, tan, brown and black. Included in this post are a few examples of adding the right splash of orange for style, without compromising the entire outfit.

Robert Geller

Timo Weiland


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One response to “Orange Appeal

  1. davidtranstylist

    Looks like certain shades of Orange is squeezing its way into the Fall 2011 season as well…

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