Vintage Look, Modern Style: The Plaid Shirt

by David

Left: Gant Rugger, $125. Right: Abercrombie & Fitch, $70.

The resurgence of “the plaid shirt” to menswear in the past several years has definitely become a welcomed alternative to classic white/navy/black button-up dress shirts. With appropriate styling, a plaid shirt can be worn for a special night out paired with a nice fitted leather jacket, cardigan or blazer and some slim dark jeans. For a more relaxed approach, roll up the sleeves and keep the shirt unbuttoned… OR with a basic tee and some relaxed denim blue’s, wrapped the plaid shirt around your waist as a cute accessory. No matter if you dress it up or down, the plaid shirt is a staple for any man’s wardrobe (and also lesbians, but I’m sure I’m just preaching to the choir with this post, seeing how they got the whole plaid look down ages ago!) I’d definitely stock up on a few different color combos. Don’t be afraid to get darker plaid prints, even in Spring and Summer it’s actually okay in my opinion to sport non-obnoxious BRIGHT colors. It’s also a style that doesn’t really go out of season, so if you spot an expensive brand name shirt that you like, chances are it’ll go on sale, so just wait if you can, unless you’re an XS or S, which are sizes that tend to run out quickly. So if you’re not willing to wait and prefer the designer name, by all means, have you sugar daddy get it for you, a $200 plaid shirt is just pocket change to them. Local vintage shops are also a great way to spot awesome plaid looks at a reasonable price, some second-hand stores even carry designer labels, especially in bougie parts of town like Beverly Hills, etc.

21Men from Forever 21, $22.

Another reason  I’m a big fan of plaid shirts is that it helps make dressing up effortless! So if you’re an on-the-go kinda person, no matter what pants you wear, you can quickly grab any plaid shirt and it will most likely complete your stylish look. And whether you’re a lady or a gent, a man’s plaid shirt is perfect for when you want to quickly throw on some coverage after having sex and still want to look sexy, especially if you’re wearing nothing else!

Pictured in this post are some plaid shirts, mostly Spring/Summer styles, with prices ranging from affordable to “only purchase if you have excess $$$ to spend.” Which goes to show, you do NOT have to spend a whole lotta money to style yourself.

Thom Browne shirts are one of my favorite lines, but his shirts can run anywhere from $220-$350. So, if you get that bonus from work, his distinguished shirts would be a great fit for any man!


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