Dance Speak

by Jason

How do you write this on paper?

We had our first rehearsal yesterday and I have to admit I was anxious. I’m relying on my two choreographers to come up with something that reflects the mood of the story, the intention of the characters and the arc of each scene.  In the script, I have left the description of the dances up to the choreographers to interpret, but yesterday I found out that I was not specific enough with my writing. How specific must one be when describing dance in a script? A sashay here and a grand jete over there might feel contrived if it is misplaced. The characters in this film have minimal dialogue so am I being too bold by relying on my choreographers to give them voices? No, I don’t think so.

I need to rely on them. They are exceptionally talented people who are masters of their craft. With the second day of rehearsals coming up today and shooting less than a week away, I realize that I need to have a different approach.  Imaginary dialogue will have to be written for the characters and then the choreographers will have to interpret them into movement. It is interesting to note that so much silent dialogue is happening when we watch people at a café or at a night club. I finally realize how this can be genuinely captured in a script and brought back up in an image.

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