Race + Dates

by Alicia

Have you ever heard of the free online dating site, OKCupid?  One of the Harvard math nerds behind it is an acquaintance of mine, so I’ve followed its growth over the years. Recently they started blogging about the data they’ve amassed on people’s dating habits. A post about how your race affects the rate of replies you receive caught my eye. Their initial post was on heterosexuals, but they took a close look at the same-sex numbers as well.I definitely learned a few things by reading this. From my experience I had observed lesbian dating to be fairly colorblind (or maybe just completely blind!), and OKCupid’s data reflects this as well. They also pointed out that Asian lesbians are in demand. Nice to know, though I am very happy in my current relationship.

Take a look at the numbers for yourself here.  And does anyone have insights on why both straight and gay men respond best to Middle Easterners?  Intriguing!

One response to “Race + Dates

  1. These charts are really a fascinating peak into straight, gay and bi behaviors and beliefs about interracial dating. I love that there are Harvard math nerds working on this because I think this provides fertile ground for social science researchers to take it further in designing studies where these choices are demystified. Glad to have hard numbers about lesbians’ colorblind lovefest!!

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