Egos Aside

by Jason

This week has just flown by. It’s the middle of the month and I’ve just finished having my first dance audition today.  In two weeks, I am shooting my first dance film with large scale choreography and no dialogue. The project is teaching me how to work with dancers and describe a good story through movement.  Certainty is the word of the day and this is in stark contrast with the beginning of my week. How do you get young people out to do a square dance film? Craigslist, casting workbook and Facebook didn’t bring them out. The most enthusiastic group came from the regional Round and Square Dance Association who sent their most eager young members to come out. It was great!  It was through word of mouth and campaign style door knocking that brought them in. Allemande left and girl’s courtesy turn might sound benign on their own, but when you have sixteen smiling square dancers performing in unison, it is a sight worth stopping for.

Why am I making a square dance film? Why not? It is a dance that slowly dying, because it’s misunderstood. Square dancing is fun and sociable, and has become a forgotten way to meet people. In four months, I will show the world that square dancing can be inclusive if you shed your ego.

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