Chris Crocker’s “Freak of Nature”

by Quentin

Chris Crocker has sashayed a long way from his first video “Leave Britney Alone” that made him world famous. “Leave Britney Alone” has a total of over 36.5 million views on Youtube as of this date. “Britney” was originally posted in Sep 2007:

I dare say that Chris Crocker was one of the first queer celebrities that broke out from Youtube. And he ain’t doing so shabby with his new music video “A Freak of Nature” where he actually created his own original song, music and images. Bravo indeed!

Jeffree Star in "Get Away with Murder"

“A Freak of Nature” reminds me of another queer celebrity Jeffree Star’s works. Jeffree is certainly becoming a star and one of my favorite videos of his is “Getting Away With Murder.”

Kudos to Chris and Jeffree! We can only beg for more from this new generation of divas!

One response to “Chris Crocker’s “Freak of Nature”

  1. Awesome post and video. I am glad Chris didn’t sell out. Love the video. Love the genderqueer aspect in which the guys are feminine and feminised. How weird that seems so radical now as we seem swim in an endless ocean of hypermasculinity.

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